About Us

Aboudheir Consulting Ltd (ACL) is a trusted partner for delivering working, reliable, and efficient carbon capture plant design that meets the cleanup targets towards the net zero goal of clients. ACL is specialized in capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from point sources industries such as power plants, steel plants, cement plants, and hydrogen plants for blue hydrogen production.

Our engineering pedigree is built on more than three decades of plant design, operation, troubleshooting, and optimization. We have developed a global network to deliver working solutions to minimize the emissions to atmosphere at minimum capital and operating expenditures. We believe in collaboration between technology providers to develop optimum solutions for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage, CCUS.

Our business approach towards net zero goal is to start today. Decarbonizing the existing industries using amine-based carbon capture process – which is a 50-year-old commercially proven technology – for bulk removal of CO2 from gaseous streams is possible now. The enhancements of the new technologies can be easily introduced to working CO2 capture plants after passing a comprehensive verification test program successfully.

Ahmed Aboudheir, President & CEO

Our Consulting Services

Aboudheir consulting Ltd., ACL, has the professional engineering expertise to design large scale CO2
capture plants to meet the cleanup targets and CO2 recovery rate from point source emissions at
minimum emission to atmosphere, minimum waste for disposal, minimum operating expenditure
(OPEX), and minimum capital expenditure (CAPEX).

Engineering Services

1. Solvent recommendation based on commercially available solvents and additives.
2. Delivering complete Process Design Package (PDP).
3. Designing the required reclaiming unit to maintain solvent efficiency.
4. Supporting EPC companies in detailed design.
5. Supporting the plant commissioning and operation.
6. Conducting comprehensive verification test programs for new technologies.
7. Providing training on optimum operation of CO2 capture plants

Training Courses & Workshops

Providing training courses, technology transfer courses, and workshops in the field of:
1. Process modeling and Simulation
2. Post combustion CO2 capture Process
3. Chemicals reclaiming and reuse

Research Consulting

Developing applied research programs in the field of CO2 capture and Solvent Reclaiming.